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Treatment description

Your massage therapist will use a variety of techniques best suited to your condition.  All of our therapists have extensive post-graduate training. During your appointment we will discuss the technique they feel is the most appropriate.  It may vary from deep tissue, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, dry needling, to other most used  styles of massage.

Whether you’re looking to relieve stress, increase your sports performance, or getting some much-needed relaxation, the professionally trained and registered Christchurch massage therapists at Sports Clinic will cater for your therapeutic needs. 

 What can this service help you with?

  • massage therapy relaxes muscles

  • easing and soothing aches and pains

  • it rejuvenates and helps to restore balance to body and being

  • making us better for all the things life throws our way

Sports clinic's Massage Therapists

Meet the massage therapists at Sports Clinic.

Amanda Armitage
Amanda Armitage
  • Has been a Massage therapist and Personal Trainer since 2000
  • Massage therapy techniques used are: Neuromuscular therapy, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Myofascial release, pregnancy massage and Swedish Massage
  • Remedial Massage Therapist (RMT with Massage NZ)and REP’s (Registered Exercise Professionals)
  • Work with many New Zealand elite athletes (rugby, netball, body sculpting, cycling, rowing)
  • Personal interest include Competition Ballroom Dancing for 7 years, 2 years National champion for Body Sculpting, Tai Boxing


Josh Dowdle
Josh Dowdle

Massage & Lymphatic Therapist

  • Diploma in Health Science Therapeutic Massage (Merit), NZ College of Massage, Christchurch 2016
  • Certificate of Massage, New Zealand College of Massage, Christchurch 2015
  • Hands On Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course, Christchurch 2019
  • Member of Massage Association New Zealand (MNZ)

Josh graduated from Otago Polytechnic in 2011 with a Diploma in Personal Training and has been working in gyms ever since. He loves helping people improve the way they move. However, wanting to develop a more hands on treatment skillset to accompany his movement background, Josh went back to study and completed a Massage Therapy Diploma in 2016. In 2019 he extended his skill set again by completing the Hands On level I and II MLD courses.

Outside of the Health and Wellness arena, Josh’s passions include cooking (and eating), travel, and raising a young family.

Ben Robertson
Ben Robertson
  • Diploma in Health Science Therapeutic Massage (Merit), NZ College of Massage, Christchurch, 2017
  • Certificate of Massage, New Zealand College of Massage, Christchurch 2016
  • Attendance workshop Sports Massage, High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ)
  • Member of Massage Association New Zealand (MNZ)

Sports achievements;

  • Competed in National Elite Road Cycling Championships 2011 - 2015
  • Part of Benchmark Homes Elite Cycling Team 2010 – 2015
  • 1st Timaru Classic, Calder Stewart Elite Cycle Series 2016
  • 1st Round Brunner Elite Cycle Race 2013
  • 4th Le Race Elite Cycle Race 2014
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Our difference

Why Sports clinic

Our team work with a variety of athletes in their practice, from weekend warriors to elite athletes. Their experience and knowledge will help you gain the optimal results in your sport. We also have accredited Academy of Sport’s providers – ask them if you qualify.

All our Christchurch Massage therapists have extensive post-graduate training. During your appointment, they will discuss the technique they feel is the most appropriate for you. It may vary from Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Lymphatic Drainage, Dry Needling, to other most used styles of massage.


What types of massages are available?

You can choose from a number of different types of massage, from soft and relaxing to targeted and deep tissue. See our styles of massage for more styles and information.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage is aimed at relaxing the pregnant woman and promoting health by applying light to moderate pressure to areas of discomfort. (usually in the side-lying position).
Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
NMT is a holistic form of massage that aims to restore the body’s correct postural balance to help alleviate the area of soft tissue pain. Injuries and chronic pain may be prevented with this technique.
Lymphatic Drainage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a gentle, non-invasive technique that has a powerful effect on the body. The skin is stretched and torqued in a specific manner, based on scientific, physiological principles that have proven to encourage lymph flow. Lymphatic Drainage is commonly used on (lymph)oedema and chronic pain.
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage releases tension in the body through applying slow deep pressure to the deeper layers of muscles.


Sports Massage
Designed to support all athletes in competition, training and off-season phases. Specific techniques are utilized to maximize performance.
A relaxation massage uses light to moderate strokes to release tension, and stress, to balance the mind body and soul.
Myofascial Release
The therapist uses gentle sustained pressure to release fascia (surrounds the muscle) to help improve flexibility, reduce pain and increase circulation.
Trigger Point Therapy
Trigger point therapy involves applying pressure to tender areas in the muscle (knots) in order to relieve pain and dysfunction which is often felt by other parts of the body.
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