Sports medicine

At Sports Clinic we offer sports specific medical treatment for issues relating to sports injuries and rehabilitation. Our team approach means you get access to all of the professionals you need so that your injuries may be treated from diagnosis through to full rehabilitation.
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sports medicine

Treatment description

Our Sports Physicians and Sports Doctors are highly trained and have over 30 years experience in the industry. 

All our medical providers are fully ACC registered. In some cases that means the treatment is fully funded. Please talk to our reception team about this.

Our doctors will, assess, diagnose, treat and/ or refer to the appropriate medial provider to help you get back on track.

 What can this service help you with?

  • Diagnosis through medical imaging eg. MRI

  • Referral to appropriate health provider

  • Regain your desired lifestyle

Sports clinic Doctors

Meet the Sports Physicians and Sports Doctors at Sports Clinic.

Dr. Rob Campbell
Dr. Rob Campbell

Sports Physician

Rob has been a Sports Medicine doctor at SportsMed since 1989 and passed Specialist Sports Physician exams in 1994 and was the 1ST in Canterbury to do so. Sportsmed has been a training practice for over 20 years for Sports medicine registrars all of whom have passed. Dr Campbell has been the training supervisor for the registrars for over 20 yrs and will  continue to do so at Sports Clinic.

Rob worked as the Crusaders and Canterbury rugby doctor for 5 years from 1997, as NZ Cricket doctor for 10 years and Coast to Coast Medical Director for 30+ years.

To proof that he lives what he preaches: he is, NZ Hockey rep, Canterbury rep at school level in hockey, rugby, cricket and golf. Has run 2 marathons and still plays golf on single figure handicap.

Dr. John Hellemans
Dr. John Hellemans

Sports Doctor/ Coach

Special Interests

  • Injury diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Exercise related medical issues like excessive fatigue, exercise induced asthma iron deficiency anaemia and other
  • Perineural glucose injection therapy (P.I.T) for chronic (neuropathic) pain
  • Exercise prescription for patients with chronic medical conditions
  • Altitude training and simulation
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Our difference

Why choose sports clinic

Dr Rob Campbell and Dr John Hellemans are the original founders of the iconic SportsMed and have been working in the industry for over 30 years. 

Patients can count on their knowledge and expertise and trust that they will do anything in their power to help get better.

At Sports Clinic we have the same great services that you are used to from SportsMed. A multidisciplinary approach provides the patient with the best chance to recovery from injury. Our practitioners work hand in hand, which allows for fast and efficient services for our patients.

What to expect at your appointment?

  • Discovery: First we take a case history to learn more about you, your injury and your lifestyle.

  • Physical Examination: Then a detailed examination to find the route cause of your symptoms determine the best treatment course.

  • Treatment Plan: We decide and advise if any tests are needed. Then in consultation with you, we decide on the best course of treatment and what type of care is going to be the best course of action. We can refer you to other specialists in house to ensure you get the highest quality of care.

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