Now, more than ever, we must look after our health and well-being and support our immune systems. High quality food, regular exercise and managing stress lower the risk of illness and shorten its lifespan.
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Sports Nutrition

Nutrition Matters

Dietitians are clinically trained to assess the adequacy of your food intake in meeting your personal needs for optimal health and well being. They work with you to provide practical recommendations and personalised Meal Plans.

Certain foods and supplements have the potential to be immuno- protective and it’s wise to incorporate these in your diet. Imposed lifestyle changes and stress can alter eating behaviour, and not necessarily for the better.

Why a sports nutritionist?

A sports nutritionist has additional postgraduate qualifications in the area of sport and exercise nutrition and assesses nutritional needs in relation to your exercise or training programe.

Our nutritionist tailors Nutrition Plans to the specific needs of different training phases and specific competitions.  Whether you are an elite level athlete or a weekend warrior, our nutrition team has specific knowledge of your chosen sport and we pride ourselves in providing cutting edge nutrition information to ensure you are able to be at your best.

Sports clinic's Nutritionist

Meet Sports Clinic nutritionist.

Ien Hellemans
Ien Hellemans

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics, MSc, NZRD, Regd Nutritionist

Ien is one of New Zealand’s most experienced sport and health dietitians. She has been a nutrition consultant for over 25 years and has worked with many top athletes. Ien was the dietitian for the New Zealand Athens Olympic Team and has worked with the Silver Ferns, and the New Zealand Triathlon, Cycling and Swim Teams. She has a background in endurance based sport and was a competitive swimmer in her native country, the Netherlands. She has competed in several multi-sport events, including the Coast to Coast, and enjoys hiking and mountain biking in the Christchurch Port Hills. Ien loves helping people develop a personalised eating strategy to achieve their health and sporting goals.


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Our difference

Why choose sports clinic

Our passionate and highly qualified Christchurch nutritionist is all about providing first class advice and support to help you reach your nutritional goals. 

Ien Hellemans, our nutrition and dietetic consultant, has extensive experience in nutrition for sport, health and chronic disease.

What type of nutrition services do we offer

  • Training Nutrition

  • Competition nutrition

  • Nutrient deficiencies

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Adolescent Nutrition

  • Low energy availability

  • Bone health

  • Weight management

  • Elevated cholesterol

  • Digestive issues

  • Body composition assessment

  • Nutrition workshops and seminars

  • School nutrition programmes

  • Meal Planning for sports tournaments

  • Supermarket tours

Do you offer nutrition advice for non – sports related patients?
Can I get medical insurance cover on Nutrition Appointments?
How long are the nutrition appointments?
What should I wear to the appointment?

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