More now than ever, we must start to take control of our well-being. The thing is nutrition is more than simply calories in vs calories out. Nutrition affects us in many ways: from how we feel; how we sleep; how we socialise and how we perform. It is about figuring out how nutrition fits into our lives, rather than having to change our life for food

Sports Clinic Dietitian

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Meet Conrad – Accredited Sport Dietitian

NZRD, SDA, DipBS, BAppSc, MDiet

Conrad Goodhew is the Sports Clinic’s sport dietitian. The difference that Conrad provides, is that he brings a performance mindset to an industry full of weight loss fads. Not only is he an expert in exercise nutrition, but his Dietetic study also brings a clinical element to the delivery of advice. He understands that even the most elite sports people are still humans, and the advice is similar for the everyday exercise enthusiast too.

Conrad was brought in in a typical kiwi household in Whangarei. Since the age of 4, Conrad has been playing sport. Participating in everything from rugby and cricket to squash and golf – all at provincial and international representative level. On top of this he loves the outdoors where he surfs and dives (among everything else). More recently he has run several ultra-marathons and got back into his golf. As well as intending on completing the coast to coast longest day in 2024.

Conrad has travelled all around the country studying at both Otago and Massey Universities. Since graduating, Conrad moved to Christchurch and currently works in professional sport (including the Crusaders and Black Ferns hub) and runs his own private practice. He sees lots of different athletes from golfers to cross fitters, to multi-sporters and weightlifters (and everything in between). But he doesn’t only work with athletes, he also works with everyone that “exercises for a purpose”.

His ethos is “let’s not overcomplicate this eating thing” as nutrition is fast becoming a complex space, when it really doesn’t need to.

Conrad travels around NZ conducting talks and workshops, whilst balancing his own private practice clients and staff.  If you want to connect with him, visit his website at or follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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Locations and Services

Conrad is available for in-clinic appointments on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday Mornings at 156 Bealey Ave, Christchurch or for online appointments. Conrad is also available for group presentations and contracting to Sports Teams (menu planning and group/individual support etc).

Conrad’s expert areas are (but not limited to):

• Nutrition for training

• Nutrition for sport performance and competition

• Dietary needs (such as plant based etc.)

• Nutrition for pre/post-surgery and injury rehabilitation

• Travel nutrition

• Teenage athletes

• Relative energy deficiency in sport (REDs)

• Exercise induced gastrointestinal syndrome

• Other digestive issues (including IBS)

• Overall health and wellness

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